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Re: [not working] Conceptronic USB 2.0 Digital TV Receiver - CTVDIGRCU - Device Information

Antti Palosaari wrote:
> On 04/24/2009 12:43 PM, Jelle de Jong wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Apparently I was feeling a bit masochistic today, because I bought a new
>> usb dvb-t device with the hope it would work on my 2.6.26 kernel because
>> the 2.6.29 is extreme instable and my Digittrade DVB-T USB Stick (Afatech
>> DVB-T) (af9015.fw) does not work with mplayer which is a requirement for me.
>> So I bought a Conceptronic USB 2.0 Digital TV Receiver - CTVDIGRCU, but
>> it does not work. Would somebody willing to get this device working? I
>> can sent the device to you if you like.
>> The device information is attached in this email.
> It is supported.
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~anttip/af9015/rev/d4274bbb8605
> Please install latest v4l-dvb -drivers.
> regards
> Antti

Hi Antti,

>> Add USB ID (1b80:e397) for Conceptronic USB2.0 DVB-T CTVDIGRCU V3.0.

Thank you for your reply, the commit tells me an other product and vendor
id, please see my attached device info in my first mail.

I got an USB ID 14aa:0160 Conceptronic USB2.0 DVB-T CTVDIGRCU V2.0 but I
have no idea what chipsets it contains. Could somebody extract the
drivers to be sure? (see my first mail for driver web pages)

Best regards,


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