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Re: [PATCH] FM1216ME_MK3 some changes

If it should be unnoticed yet.

> > 
> > I thought the FM1216ME MK3 was an analog only tuner.  I guess I don't
> > know DVB-T or cable in Europe well enough.
> that is for sure, analog only. 
> Dmitry is preparing something for the MK5 too and the FMD1216ME/I MK3
> hybrid. Hmm, I wonder if Hans and Jarod do have something to improve for
> the MK4 too and the others.
> As said, I don't care for changes within the freq. gap and accept
> everything working better there ;)

For some sort of completeness, we have quite some cardbus devices too,
originally hacked by Hans J. Koch, you might not recognize as MK3 stuff.

They come as ancient ALPS stuff.


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