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Re: recommendation for hd atsc usb device?

Neal Becker wrote:

> b3782802@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Neal Becker wrote:
>>> My ATSC reception is marginal.
>>> Are there any recommendations for devices that give better ATSC
>>> performance (I think the main issue in my location is multipath)
>> Yes!
>> Get a highly directional antenna.
>> A big honkin' UHF Yagi[1] should do the trick.
>> Better yet, mount it high (like on a chimney).
>> Better yet, use an antenna rotor[2].
> I've got a big outdoor antenna on a rotor.  My question is, are some
> chipsets better/worse for fringe performance, and particularly with
> respect to multipath?
I'm considering WinTV-HVR-1950.  Any comments?

Samsung claims:
"The new S5H1411 boasts a higher reception success rate than other devices 
in multi-path environments where signal interference is high, such as 
densely populated urban areas; dynamic environments with serious signal 
distortion among many moving vehicles; environments with major signal phase 
errors because of cable retransmission and remote areas where reception is 
generally poor."

Well, at least they have their heart in the right place :)  I have never 
been able to find real lab test results for ATSC reception performance. 

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