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setting values to CICR2 register in PXA320 Quick Capture Interface


I want to set various parameters in the Quick Capture Interface for a PXA320 processor. I think, I found a way to do this, for resolution and pixel clock parameters, but there is no way to set the parameters of CICR2 using the actual pxa_camera driver. It seems the driver  just implements the master mode, and I wondered why. Is it not usefull to run a pxa_camera in slave mode?

Nevertheless. CICR2 contains also the BLW (Beginning-of-Line Pixel Clock Wait Count) parameter, which is used in master and slave mode. So I wondered, why there isn't a way to set it (Or have I just missed it?).
Here some extra information: I use V4L2 in combination with soc_camera interface and a PXA320 host. The soc_camera interface and pxa_camera driver are out of the 2.6.29 kernel.


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