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Re: em28xx: Pinnacle PCTV USB2 remote control problem

Try to load the driver with

modprobe em28xx i2c_scan=1 and submit the output..
I have a few tools floating around which can be used to determine the
best keymap for your remote of your device.
The problem is pinnacle used to sell the same device in different
countries with different infrared setups..


On 8/10/06, Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester <giga@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  I'm trying to make the grey remote control of my Pinnacle PCTV USB2
in France) working. I'm using mercurial sources from
  In em28xx-input.c, there is
	if (buf[0]!=0x00){
                return 0;
  I extended debug to dispay buf[0], buf[1], buf[2]. It gives something like
that :
	Aug 10 13:56:58 localhost kernel: i2c IR (EM28XX Pinnacle PCTV)/ir: key 3d:
fe, 64, 3d
	Aug 10 13:57:07 localhost last message repeated 96 times
	Aug 10 13:57:07 localhost kernel: i2c IR (EM28XX Pinnacle PCTV)/ir: key 3f:
fe, 17, 3f
	Aug 10 13:57:38 localhost last message repeated 303 times
  The keys are reported correctly, but buf[0] is always 0xfe instead of
and there is no difference whether I press a button, hold it, or release it.
Syslog keeps reporting the debug message with the last pressed button.
  How can I detect if there is a key pressed?
  I don't have experience in writing drivers, should I sniff what the
drivers does? If so, is there a simple way to sniff i2c communication on the
remote sensor address (0x8e in my case)?
  Many thanks for all the work you've done on making the em28xx driver :)

Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester

Markus Rechberger

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