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[Spca50x-devs] Is anyone still using this list?

As this list has not seen any traffic in over 6 months, and all development is 
now being done on the v4l lists, I think my objections to shutting this list 
down back in 2007 are now irrelevant. 

Is there anyone who thinks this list (and/or this sourceforge project in 
general) should remain open? Specifically, Michel and Jef, are you still 
interested in having this mailing list around?

If no-one has any objections, I will close this list on 31 March 2011, and put 
the project into unmaintained state.




Allwyn Fernandes
Stobor Pty Ltd

The ultimate all-in-one performance toolkit: Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE:
Pinpoint memory and threading errors before they happen.
Find and fix more than 250 security defects in the development cycle.
Locate bottlenecks in serial and parallel code that limit performance.
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