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[Spca50x-devs] luvcview half working bayer decode support

>This is required to be able to test the pixart v4l2 port. Right now it>display bayer to 422 "properly" (colors and image quality) but scaled>half size (if you know how to fix it please help I am new to bayer->422>decoding).>Regards
I got it working. Now the image is displayed in its original size.
But I dont see proper color, its a kind of black/white picture I am getting using my modified luvc application.  My camera gives bayer and JPEG pixel format. I have applied the patch provided in the link below and modified it to get full scale picture. But I dont get proper color. Is it a driver issue? My camera is "0c45:613c" (SN9C120).
Check the link below for original post.
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