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Re: [Spca50x-devs] hello

On Fri, 3 Jul 2009 14:20:26 -0700 (PDT)
Ana Ana <macanudokiosko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello, people.

Hello Ana,

> I'm a new user of Ubuntu (the latest version), and I've been trying
> to install the famous package of driver spca50x, yet I can't...
> my device is:
> ###
> Bus 002 Device 002: ID 084d:0003 Minton Optic Industry Co., Inc.
> S-Cam F5 Digital Camera ###
> ....whereas I follow the following steps -to no avail as I've said-...
> wget http://mxhaard.free.fr/spca50x/Download/gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz
> tar zxvf gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz
> cd gspcav1-20071224
> sudo ./gspca_build
> Is there something wrong with those commands?

The driver gspca v1 is not maintained anymore. You must use the gspca
v2 which is in the Linux kernel since 2.6.29. If your Ubuntu kernel is
older or if you have problems, you must take a tarball or a clone of the
last media mercurial repository at LinuxTv.org. Look at the file
gspca_README.txt in my page. BTW, as nobody tested this webcam yet,
I'd be glad to know how it works.


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