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[Spca50x-devs] gspca kernel module, support for usb bridge devices with bulk endpoints like sq930


For some time now i am the maintainer for the sq930 kernel module
(written by Sam Revitch).

See http://gkall.hobby.nl/sq930x.html for more information about the
sq930 kernel module.

The sq930 kernel module is at the moment broken for kernel 2.6.24 and
above due to changes in de v4l part. 

I expect a integration into the gspca kernel module would prevent in
future these sort of problems because there is more support and
knowledge within the gspca maintainers group to adapt this sort of

Question is if there any objections to add this device to the gspca
kernel module, also help will be appreciated because i have no idea yet
how easy or difficult it will be.

Gerard Klaver

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