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[Spca50x-devs] libv4l release: 0.5.1 (The Skype release)

Hi All,

Nothing special just a small bugfix release mainly fixing some bad interactions 
between the pwc driver and libv4l (due to pwc driver bugs). More in general 
this release makes libv4l more robust against drivers who promise they can 
handle foo when calling try_fmt and then actually give you bar when you do a s_fmt.

* Add Philips SPC210NC to list of cams with upside down sensor, reported by
   Rieker Flaik
* Work around some drivers (pwc) not properly reflecting what one gets after a
   s_fmt in their try_fmt answer
* Check that s_fmt atleast gives us the width, height and pixelformat try_fmt
   promised us, and if not disable conversion
* Only check width, height and pixelformat when checking if we are doing
   conversion, instead of doing a memcmp, as that are the only things which
   the convert code checks
* Take into account that the buffers only contain half of the lines when
   field is V4L2_FIELD_ALTERNATE

Get it here:



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