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[Spca50x-devs] libv4l release: 0.5.1 (The Skype release)

Hi All,

After much frustration about the very poor implementation of v4l in skype, I'm 
happy to announce libv4l-0.5.1, in which after much pain, I've managed to 
implemented a fix for the skype problem in a way which does not make me feel dirty.

* Add support for software cropping from 352x288 -> 320x240 / 176x144 ->
   160x120, so that apps which will only work with vga resolutions like
   320x240 (Skype!) will work with cams/drivers which do not support cropping
   CIF resolutions to VGA resolutions in hardware. This makes all 2.6.27 gspca
   supported cams, except for the pac7302 which only does 640x480 (and skype
   wants 320x240), work with skype
* The v4lconvert_convert function was becoming a bit of a mess, so split the
   functionailiy into separate v4lconvert_convert_pixfmt, v4lconvert_rotate and
   v4lconvert_crop functions, and make v4lconvert_convert a frontend to
* Do not link the wrapper libs against libpthread (patch from Gregor Jasny)

Get it here:



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