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[Spca50x-devs] philips spc 610NC - change color settings

Hi Devs

I just bought a philips spc 610NC and the images are very dark but still OK.

When I load gspca module the launch spcaview:
brightness=4 hue=0 color=0 contrast=0 whiteness=0
depth=24 palette=15

 "Press C" 

brightness=4 hue=0 color=65024 contrast=0 whiteness=0
depth=24 palette=15

Question 1: is it possible to fix these values systemwide (or by editing color=65024) source code. Can you please tell me which file.
(Is there any module parameter to change the color settings permanently ?)

Question 2:
Every time I have to use ekiga I have to _unload and _load_ the module - otherwise the image freezes with the following error in dmesg:

gspca_core.c: [spca50x_move_data:1611] ISOC data error: [11] len=0, status=-18 (I can even manage with this work around)

my kernel is vanilla- (patched with tuxonice)

Any suggestions.

many thanks for all help and making the driver.

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