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[Spca50x-devs] Announcing libv4l 0.4.1

Hi All,

Some assorted fixes, and support for Pixart cams JPEG's (which are non standard 
JPEG's) together with some gspca kernel changes this means that we now have 
working pac7302 and pac7311 webcams!

Go grab the new release here

Full list of changes:

* When the driver supports read() and we are not converting let the driver
   handle read() instead of emulating it with mmap mode
* Fix errors and warnings when compiling with ICC (Gregor Jasny)
* Add support to libv4lconvert for rotating images 90 (for Pixart 7302 cams)
   or 180 (Philips SPC200NC / Philips SPC300NC) degrees
* Add support for Pixart custom JPEG format
* Hide non public symbols (Gregor Jasny)
* Fix and enable x86_64 asm jpeg decompress helper functions (Gregor Jasny)



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