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Re: [Spca50x-devs] v4l1 compat version 0.6 aka V4L2 apps stay working

marc_und_ramona wrote:
> For me it works on a debian etch, gspcav2, a tascorp 0128 and camorama. What can I do to get it working with zoneminder (www.zoneminder.com)? The picture I currently get is attached.

Thanks for testing!

If you're using gspcav2, it would be best to turn of gspcav2's own v4l1 
emulation, as that might get in the way edit gspca.c and comment the:
"#define GSPCA_HLP 1"
Line (add "//" in front of it) then build gspcav2 again and unload and reload 
the modules. Now check camomara still works :)

Then before starting zoneminders capture deamon do the:
"export LD_PRELOAD=<path>/v4l1-compat.so"
"export V4L1_COMPAT_LOG_FILENAME=/tmp/v4l1-compat.log"

 From the same terminal as from which you start the zoneminder capture daemon.

Then try to watch some video / shots from your cam and then mail me

Thanks & Regards,


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