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[Spca50x-devs] v4l1 compat version 0.6 aka V4L2 apps stay working

Hi All,

Changes since last version:
v4l1-compat-0.6 (V4L2 apps stay working)
* Do not go into emulation mode of rgb24 immediately, but only after a
  GPICT ioctl which has not been preceded by a SPICT ioctl, AKA do not get
  in the way of V4L2 read calls by doing conversion on them
* Do not get in the way of mmap calls made by V4L2 applications
* Fix swapping of red and blue in bayer -> bgr24 decode routine
* Remember the v4l1 palette asked for with SPICT and return that, as
  otherwise we loose information when going v4l1 -> v4l2 -> v4l1, for example
  YUV420P becomes YUV420, which are separate in v4l1.

Given the high rate of me pushing out releases I was planning to stop spamming the list with tarbals (however small), but my personal webspace is down (yeah!) so one more time in spam modues, sorry.

With this version all apps tried sofar:
* spcaview read / mmap mode, yuv420 and bgr24
* ekiga v4l1 read / mmap mode
* camorama including changing capture resolution while streaming

Work fine, note with some cams camorama might need a small bugfix though, as it
assumes that cams have a resolution exactly half of their max resolution
available, and as such ignores then width/height returned by VIDEOCSWIN,
assuming it got what it asked for, the patch against camorama 0.19 attached to my 0.5 announcement mail fixes this.



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