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[Spca50x-devs] v4l1 compat wrapper version 0.2

Hi All,

* When mmap gets passed an fd of -1 (anonymous map) don't look for it in our
  list of managed fds, as we use -1 to mark unused entries (fixes ekiga
  crashing). Also check for an fd of -1 in the other calls we intercept.
* In close() start with removing the fd from our list of managed fds, this must
  be done first, because as soon as we've done the actual close syscall, the
  fd maybe returned by an open in another thread and we don't want to intercept
  calls to this new fd.
* Make unknown v4l1 palette types a normal level log messages instead of an
* When an applicaiton changes the width / height through the CMCAPTURE ioctl
  remember the new width and height.
* If the devices initial v4l2 pixformat has no corresponding v4l1 palette, try
  setting a format which does (and which we emulate when necessary) so that
  applicactions which just query the current format (GPICT) and then take
  whatever they get will work (partially fixes camorama)
* Implement our own SWIN instead of using kernel compat layer, for more
  flexibility and better error checking

If you want to test please use this version, the previous version had a nasty bug in the mmap wrapping causing all kinda problems (brown paper bag bug).

New version attached.



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