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[Spca50x-devs] Minor problems with 046d:08a2 (Labtec Webcam Pro)


There are some minor problems with the 046d:08a2 (Labtec Webcam Pro):

- at 320x240 resolution at the bottom of the picture of the camera
  there are 8x8 pixel sized garbage regions iterating from left to
  right that change with every frame (thus practically there is a 8px
  stripe at the bottom irregularly blinking which is pretty annoying)

- immediately after loading the gspca module, the camera (LED?) turns
  constantly on until I start an application that properly shuts it
  down (like camorama)

- with camorama the camera captures 15fps most of the time at every
  resolution but with 320x240 resolution sometimes it switches to 30fps
  without any intervention. I could not control or force this behavior
  by any means, it just happens sometimes.

- camorama fails to change picture resolution while running, eg. it
  fails to set resolution from 320x240 to 640x480 or 160x120 when it's
  already running and crashes with "Unable to capture image (VIDIOCSYNC)".
  It does succeed when initially started with -M flag. With the -m flag
  the camera does return a 160x120 image but it's not a full view at
  that resolution but rather the center of the 320x240 image cropped
  to 160x120. These might be camorama issues and not driver issues,
  I don't know.

Please comment on these!



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