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Re: [Spca50x-devs] gspca v2-0.2.8 works with 046d:0928 Logitech,

--- Jean-Francois Moine <moinejf@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Thu, 22 May 2008 14:53:28 +0100 (BST), Chris Hammond 
> <vikinghat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Hi Jean-Francois,
> Hi Chris,
> The seg fault was due to a bad returned size. It is fixed in the
> version 0.2.9 I have just uploaded. May you retry mplayer and ekiga?

Yes seg fault is fixed in mplayer, and ekiga now shows the video from
the camera (it's a bit dark when compared to spcaview, mplayer etc,
with the same settings) .  Also gstreamer no longer requires rgb to be
specified - even get a good picture with yuv specified - excellent!

Only 2 issues left are: 
a) green screen in skype (I've seen your request to try the umvd driver
- and I hope to try it tomorrow).

b) spcaview with -g option locking up my PC - not really a problem
while the rest of the applicatons work.

To summarise the following all work
$ v4l-info /dev/video1 | grep pixelformat
$ v4lctl -c /dev/video1 list
$v4lctl -c /dev/video1 setattr contrast 400
$mplayer tv:// -tv
$vlc v4l:/dev/video1
$spcaview -d /dev/video1 -t
$gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! ffmpegcolorspace !

Many thanks,


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