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[Spca50x-devs] gspca v2 with helper

Hello everybody,

I uploaded a new version of gspca v2 (0.2.0). This one includes a
frame decoding helper process. It is not yet finished (it decodes
JPEG to YUV420, YUYV and RGB24, and Bayer to YUYV - untested),
but it permits more video applications to run.

I hope this will help many of you to move to this driver. Don't
forget, the more people will test it and the sooner the subdriver
modules will be included into the linux kernel.

Also, this version includes the new subdriver t613, thank you Leandro.


Ken ar c'hentañ	|	      ** Breizh ha Linux atav! **
Jef		|		http://moinejf.free.fr/

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