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[Spca50x-devs] User-Mode Video Driver

Hello everybody,

A user-mode video driver (umvd), based on gspca v2 is available in
my page.

It uses the source of the subdrivers found in gspca v2, and so, it
handles the same webcams as gspca v1 and v2.

It is composed of a "pipe" driver installed in the kernel and a
process. This process does the USB exchanges and the frame decoding
(actually JPEG to YUYV / RGB24 and Bayer to YUYV). So, you have v4l1
and v4l2 available at the kernel video interface and frame formats
suitable for most applications (no, camorama does not work!).

I'd be glad to know which webcams are working, thank you.

Have fun!

Ken ar c'hentañ	|	      ** Breizh ha Linux atav! **
Jef		|		http://moinejf.free.fr/

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