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Re: [Spca50x-devs] 0ac8:307b test gspcav2-0.0.25

Jean-Francois Moine a écrit :

>> Question:
>>   - quelle sont les differences entre gspca v2 et v1 ?
>> merci,
> Here they are:
> - kernel interface.
>   Most applications use the v4l1 interface, while luvcview is only v4l2,
>   and it does not work with gspca v1 (some v4l1 applications _may_ work
>   with gspca v2 which accepts the v4l1 interface).
> - frame decoding.
>   gspca v1 cannot be in the official kernel because it contains
>   frame decoding functions. That is why most v4l1 applications work.
>   gspca v2 will soon in the kernel (2.6.27?) and does not contains
>   any decoding function. That is why most applications don't work
>   except luvcview which accepts JPEG and YUYV frames.
> - design.
>   gspca v1 is only one module while gspca v2 is one main module and
>   (actually) 19 subdrivers (modules).
> gspca v2 may be used with an other module, 'jpegdec', which translates
> JPEG frames to RGB/BGR 24/32, YUV420 and YUYV. Care! This module does
> not work correctly; it may alterate or even crash your system. I am
> working on it.
> As everyone wants working drivers for her webcam, we (Michel and I)
> are thinking of a usermode driver based on gspca. This one will be
> simpler to install and more secure for the system. Be patient, we
> hope to have something working this summer...

c'est difficile de tout comprendre, mais la curiosite a toujours du bon,
donc, si je comprends, (je tente...) je me dois de patienter, ceci dit, 
j'ai remarque en cherchant sur le net, que cette cam VC302+Ov7620 
0ac8:307b fonctionne sur un kernel 2.6.22 avec le gspcav1, (je suis avec 
un 2.6.18 ...etch)
...a quand une reelle collaboration des fabricants entre eux pour une 
utilisation simple et moins mercantile...
cependant vous faites un travail enorme pour le monde libre, bravo,

a bientot pour d'autres tests,


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