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Re: [Spca50x-devs] [New Driver]: usbvideo2 webcam core + pac207 driver using it.

Pete Zaitcev wrote:
>>> #define CLIP(color) (unsigned char)(((color)>0xFF)?0xff:(((color)<0)?0:(color)))
>> Add a comment about what this is doing?  Could you just do it as a
>> static function instead?
> The macro itself is too trivial to be commented, IMHO, but I have
> to ask just what it is doing there. It is only applied to
> precomputed values from pac207_decompress_table, as far as I see.
> So, they cannot be out of range. Or can they?

Its being applied to the addition of a value read from the sensor and a 
precomputed value from the pac207_decompress_table, and the total of these can 
be out of range.



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