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Re: [Spca50x-devs] [New Driver]: usbvideo2 webcam core + pac207 driver using it.

>  Thanks for testing and for the detailed report! xawtv won't work because
>  xawtv can't handle raw bayer data, which is what the pac207 returns, and
>  I'm not sure but I think that camorama only supports v4l1 and this is a
>  v4l2 driver. Can you give it a try with ekiga?

ekiga works indeed, but skype doesn't (i.e., shows only black screen).
I can give dmesg outputs with debug=3, but they're very similar. Maybe
it has the same problem as xawtv.

BTW, isn't there some compatibility layer that allows V4L1 programs to
use V4L2 devices?

Sadly, pac207 quality on Windows is still superior :((
Yet the w32 driver is 15MB and this module is 30KB.


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