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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Self Introduction: Hans de Goede

Thomas Kaiser wrote:
> As far as I know, heavy data processing like decoding jpeg or decoding 
> the compression format of PAC207 is not allowed in kernel space. So, I 
> am not sure if you can get this upstream?

Well jpeg / bayer decoding and pac207 decoding are 2 different orders of CPU 
heavy, also the pac207 format is very hardware specific since its the kernels 
job to abstract hardware, I believe the pac207 decoding belongs in the kernel, 
and I will fight for that! I also agree with the v4l devs that jpeg and bayer 
decoding does not belong in the kernel, so I guess / hope that the v4l devs 
will see things my way.

>> I just recently (today) learned that there is work underway to make a 
>> v4l2 version of gspca by Jean-François Moine: http://moinejf.free.fr/ 
>> ), I hope that we can work together somehow on getting support for all 
>> the webcam's supported in gscpa integrated into the mainline kernel 
>> with a v4l2 interface.
> It looks like you both a working on the same thing, separated. I think 
> yours and  Jean-François idea is the right way to go (thumps up). Work 
> together.

I've already send him a private mail trying to coordinate things.

> As soon as I have time I will start to test.

Cool, thanks!

> PS: I initial started the PAC207 support for gspca. If you have any 
> specific question about PAC207, don't hesitate to contact me.

Well, the gspca driver was pretty clear no questions so far. Only the exposure 
setting of it is a PITA, I've rewritten your autoexposure code, as one needs to 
do both auto exposure and autogain in one closed loop to get a reasonable 
picture in changing light circumstances (from full daylight, to at night in a 
TL lit room). I've found and implemented this so called "knee" algorithm:

Which works rather nice so far.



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