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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Still overbrighted pictures

Dajka Tamás escribió:
> Hi all,
> I'm still trying to get to work a ZC0301 based camera in outside light conditions. I've tried the lightfreq mod, but still I get just 'plain white' pictures.
> What should I do? This is important for my degree at university.
> Should I use some other grabber with the driver? Than what shoulg I use on an embedded device (MIPSEL or ARM9)?


Which is the sensor your webcam uses? and the output of dmesg? I have a webcam ZC0301 with the detected sensor HV7131R(c). I have found that the autoexpo feaute did not work, after playing arround with the windows .inf file I have modified the start data in order to have the autoexpo feature working. I need more testing before submitting a patch though. So I was wondering if yours has the same sensor in order to get more testing. For the moment I am able to get a better image on high light conditions. So I have almost fixed the oberbrighted problem without NoFliker.


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