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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Pixart Webcam Development

> I have to announce that I have to stop Linux driver development for webcams with 
> Pixart chips (like PAC207, PAC7311/2, PAC7302) and open source development in 
> general.
> It's a personal reason why I have to stop.
> I don't like the thought that people using my GPLed code who have a government 
> which uses criminal practice to get the money from their citizen.
That seems a bit harsh. Following that reasoning to its logical
conclusion, everybody should stop OSS development immediately, because
of the risk that somebody the developer dislikes might use it. In my
opinion, there are _much_ nastier people around than the current German
government, who were also able to benefit from your source.

Yours, Florian

P.S. Disclaimer: Yes, I _am_ from Germany, so it's my government you're
referring to.

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