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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Sweex "foldable webcam" support

Hi silvio,
1) this is the sensor i tested
as you may see its CIF (352x288), so at first time 640x480 its not a must.
I will do further check later on monday, but in my case only worked at that
resolution ok with 1 app in windows, dont know if its scaling by software.

2) force_rgb its used for programs that expect data in that order like

3) I worked better with rgb in my case, so it would be nice if you can
discover what sensor your webcam really have, maybe its ov6650, but can be
another revision of the same.
You can do it in several ways :

* http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/docs/HOWTO-Finding_the_sensor_type.html At
point (B)
* Dissasembly the webcam :)
* Looking for information at the .inf file of the win driver.

4) Parameters could be "fixed", but the initial sequence sent to the webcam
should set the defaults for that sensor. 
In gspca_core.c you have something like this

                        p->brightness = spca50x->funct.get_bright(spca50x);
                        p->contrast = spca50x->funct.get_contrast(spca50x);
                        p->colour = spca50x->funct.get_colors(spca50x);

So, data will be "adquired" from Sonix.h at functions:

sonix_getbrightness(struct usb_spca50x *spca50x)... etc, etc. 

If you look at them, they are not getting current parameters directly from
the device. You can hardcode the parameters there if you want, but thats not
really the way to go. ( and will be just for your use )

Camorama have a "preferences" tabs, where you can selecte the format ( RGB
Conversion, YUVY, RGB,etc  , also remember to uncheck "AutoBright feature" )

5) If you can, attach a Usbsnoop log of the camera running in windows with
the fine parameters and i will take a look.
   Also for a further test, in Sonix/sonix.h , you can test this:

    Look at ov6650_sensor_init[][8] =  ...

theres a commented line,

 //{0xA0,0x60,0x1B,0x01,0x02,0x18,0xC1,0x10}, //THIS SET GREEN SCREEN....   

Try uncommenting it and test the driver again to see if you notice some

I wait you results :)
ty for testing

>Silvio Moioli <silvio@xxxxxxxxxx> escribió: 

Costantino Leandro wrote:
>> Nice, just for the record, try to load gspcav with  force_rgb=1  and try
>> again.
>That doesn't work very well, colors are mixed up in RGB mode.
>> Also test using spcagui  , and try changing Video Modes and Rgb , 
>> etc.
>The camera only works correctly with SIF and CIF resolutions, and only 
>with YUV colors. I get quite good results with these settings:
>brightnes=5120 hue=0 color=0 contrast=4096 whiteness=0 depth=16 palette=3
>Another question: can I set these parameters as "defaults" so that other 
>applications use them correctly? In particular, how can I force Camorama 
>to use YUV instead of RGB?
>As a side note the camera is *very* sensitive to ambient light, not sure 
>it is a driver issue.
>Thanks again,
>Silvio Moioli
>silvio at moioli dot net
>"Things should be as simple as possible, but not any simpler" Einstein
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This SF.net email is sponsored by: Microsoft
Defy all challenges. Microsoft(R) Visual Studio 2008.
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