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Re: [Spca50x-devs] [gspcav1-20071224] Patch for 0c45:6011 Microdia

Le lundi 18 février 2008 11:56, Costantino Leandro a écrit :
> Hi, i am attaching a "patch" for  webcam  0c45:0611  , reported as
> "Microdia "
> This camera have  chip SN9C101G and sensor OV6650 ( QCIF/CIF ), and
> works under bridge SONIX.
> Thx to Matias Mousseaud from Hong Kong CF for sending a webcam to the
> office.
> Patch was tested on Rxart Desktop 3.2 , kernel
> Driver SN9C102 will take care of this webcam at first ( but dont support
> this sensor ), so if you have it on your system, unload it or put it on
> blacklist.
> I also attach a screenshot.
> Ty in advance,
> Costantino Leandro
> Pixart SRL
> PD: Any problem no doubt in get in contact, maybe some sensor init regs
> may need a tweak.
Thanks Costantino, will be merged soon ;-)
Michel Xhaard

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