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[Spca50x-devs] Noflicker filter (Was: Embedded autobrightness with Vimicro ZC3XX)

>> Hi,
>> I'm tring to use a Vimicro ZC3XX based cam on an
Asus wl500gp running
>> OpenWrt.
>> V4L is V4L2, driver is gspcav1-20070508.
>> Camera is working inside ok, but outside not
>In this case you can use NoFlicker filter.
>This functionality already present in gspcav1 driver
>For add this functionality in to spcaview/spcaserv
use my patch
>In your case just start spcaview as "spcaview -L 0"
or use "l" button for
>switch antiflicker filter to "NoFliker" mode.


I have the same problem with another Vimicro cam. The
id is  0ac8:303b sensor, the sensor detected is

The cam works great indoors, but under daylight or
some indoor not-so-strong-light I only get a full
white image. I have tried with the module parameter
lightfreq without result. I get the following error
message in dmesg:

[spca5xx_set_light_freq:1932] Sensor currently not
support light frequency banding filters.

So I guess that the problem is due to this feature.

Is there any hope that this filters will be ever



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