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[Spca50x-devs] Camera Syntek DV4000 STK014


I'm including code for my webcam Syntek DV4000 (STK014?) in the gspca
driver. All the initialization job is done, but I have some problems
with the video frames.

These ones are JPEG encoded with escape sequences (0xff 0x00).
I saw that when making jpeg, in gspcadecoder.c, the flags are added
in make_jpeg(), but not in make_jpeg_conexant(). Elsewhere, in
jpeg decoding, there is no check of these flags. Is this a bug?

Then, I remove the flags when receiving ISO packets. It seems to work
except that there are big rectangles (~20x20 pixels) with big black
and white pixels in the image around the points where there is a big
color difference. Did anybody already see (and fix!) this problem?


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