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Re: [Spca50x-devs] How do I convert the filtered snoopypro output to the header file arrays?

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:31:26 +0900, Michel Xhaard <mxhaard@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Be sure in the inf file you don't have something like
> HV7131B= ****/GC0305
> for example that mean windows used HV7131B name for the GC0305 data ;-)

Yep, found it!

The .inf file contains:


Which means that the sensor in this camera must be the GC0305.

Regardless, this doesn't make me much closer to getting it to work.

I've been looking through the code for the three projects that have  
actively worked on webcams using this zc030x bridge.

Something that struck me was that the source for the project hosted at  
http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/ contains the following arrays to define  
each sensor:

__u8 GC0305_CMD[]={
__u8 GC0305_Initial[]={
__u8 GC0305_InitialScale[]={
__u8 GC0305_50HZ[]={
__u8 GC0305_50HZScale[]={
__u8 GC0305_60HZ[]={
__u8 GC0305_60HZScale[]={
__u8 GC0305_NoFliker[]={
__u8 GC0305_NoFlikerScale[]={
__u8 GC0305_Gamma[]={
__u8 GC0305_GammaT[]={
__u8 GC0305_MatrixT[]={
__u8 GC0305_RJMatrixT[]={

Most of these seem to be duplicated in the gspca driver, but I'm not sure  
about the CMD array. I can't seem to find an array in the gspca source  
that is the equivalent of this.
Any ideas? Barking up the wrong tree?

The other idea I have is to identify the commands being sent to and from  
the camera, and (together with the protocol format), figure out what each  
message means, and then I can meaningfully compare the windows driver  
behaviour and the current linux driver behaviour. Is there any  
documentation about the standard protocol commands when communicating with  
the webcam?


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