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Re: [Spca50x-devs] How do I convert the filtered snoopypro output to the header file arrays?

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:44:06 +0900, Serge A. Suchkov <Serge.A.S@xxxxxxxxx>  

> You can convert zc0302plugin format to gspca format using this
> http://mgspca.e1.bmstu.ru/zc030x_to_gspca.sh script or you can convert
> init sensor data directly from windows *.inf file using this   
> http://mgspca.e1.bmstu.ru/zc030x.inf2gspca.sh script (for zc30x bridge  
> only)

Thanks very much :)

What I have discovered is that the windows .inf file contains information  
for these four sensors:

But using the regmon technique, I found that the windows driver is using  
the HV7131B sensor. I confirmed this again today.

But the .inf file does not contain data for this sensor!

As I mentioned earlier, I tried using the HV7131B sensor data internal to  
gspca, but this didn't work.

I used the provided tools to build sensor arrays for the four new sensors,  
and using camorama, two of them don't crash, and provide a few lines of  
noise that is proportional to the amount of light entering the camera. (I  
can cover the camera and these lines go black).

So it seems that I'm nearly there, but the process isn't very scientific  
so far.

I'm guessing that the scaling factors that determine image width and  
height are incorrect, but I'm unsure how to proceed.


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