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[Spca50x-devs] How do I convert the filtered snoopypro output to the header file arrays?

As mentioned a few days ago, I have a camera that appears to have a  
supported sensor and USB VID/PID combination, but will not work.

I have confirmed that the driver is indeed using the sensor data that  
corresponds with the sensor model that Windows is using.

I have performed the snoopypro logging under windows, and filtered the  
output using the perl scripts found here:


Now I have one large array:
__u16 zc0302plugin[][5] = {

The header file for the sensor I have contains two arrays:

static __u16 hv7131bxx_start_data[][3] = {

static __u16 hv7131bxx_scale_data[][3] = {

What I want to do is recreate these arrays using the data I have just  
captured, compare them against the current set, and retest the driver  
using the newly created arrays.

I can't seem to find any documentation on the procedure I should follow -  
can anyone give me a quick rundown?


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