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[Spca50x-devs] Disregard last post. Found answer on Google.

Alright dudes,

I found a google answer - for anyone else who has this problem, this is the fix:

The problem comes from the sn9c102 module, it isn't the right one (gspca is). You need to:
- blacklist sn9c102 (in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file)
- be sure the gspca module is installed - Reboot

Presto - it detects properly as VideoCam Messenger SN9C101 ov76


Thx for all your hard work on these drivers - its hard to believe you've got so many cams supported - your work is fantastic. ;) sorry to clutter your mailing list , but maybe some who has same prob will have top google / search less by it b eing in here.

Original Issue:
Hi all,

I'm using Vector Linux 5.9 Standard and am trying to get my el cheapo Mercury iCam working under it using the gspcav1-20071224 driver.  I don't get any errors compiling it from source, and i've also tried installing using the slackbuild.  Either way what I get when I plug the webcam in is a green display when I look in Kopete.

When I try the spcagui util, I get this error message:
video device /dev/video0
wrong device

I googled this message but I didn't find any current info - it appears that my username is a member of the video group.

I've got all the kernel drivers going v4l, spca, and when i do a lsusb i get
Bus 1 Device 5: ID 0c45:602c Microdia Clas Ohlson TWC-30XOP WebCam

Which is a supported CAM for the driver.

I also had this very same cam running fine under Fedora 7 ...

Any ideas on how I can get this thing working?

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