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[Spca50x-devs] help - video device /dev/video0 - wrong device when running spcagui

Hi everyone,

I've googled around a bit, asked on my distro forum but I can't seem to find any current answers to this message.
I am using a cam that is supported and worked under Fedora 7 distro - I switched to a Slackware distro (Vector Linux) and the camera doesnt work.  I've compiled from source without errors (all kernel headers etc installed) the gpspca12242007 for latest kernel, and can see the module loaded and v4l stuff in there.  But when I check in Kopete I get the lovely green screen when i test the cam and the error message: video device /dev/video0 - wrong device  when running spcagui.

What are the things I should check to resolve this error message - what are the usual causes?

Many thanks in advance,


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