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[Spca50x-devs] Z-Star USB webcam


I have this camera, and I'm in the process of trying to get it to function properly under linux.

This is how it appears using lsusb:

Bus 004 Device 012: ID 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.

The gspca driver supports this VID/PID combination, but fails to recognise the sensor correctly (gives up and uses the TAS5130CXX default).

It appears that the sensor is a HV7131B (determined by examining the windows install), but some rudimentary hacking of the spca driver (allowing it to support this sensor) failed to yield results. Camorama shows rubbish in the preview pane, and promptly stops responding.

This is the change I made to the gspca driver:

File: zc3xx.h

Function: zc3xx_config

Line 598ish, inside -1 case


        }else  if(spca50x->sensor == SENSOR_HV7131B) {
            PDEBUG(0, " Sensor HV7131B");

I've successfully had it working under windows, and I've attached both the inf file, and the output of the snoopypro/myformat procedure.

Is it possible that someone can fill in the blanks for me?


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