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Re: [Spca50x-devs] not working with Ekiga

emmanuel simonnet wrote:
> Hi all
> I succeeded to make my Philips SPC500NC work under Linux thanks to gspca
> driver.It works fine with camorama and kopete.I'd like to use it with Ekiga but
> i get these errors :

works fine here.

> Dec 14 09:47:38 christianmylene kernel:
> /var/lib/dkms/gspca/1.00.18-3mdv2008.0/build/gspca_core.c:
> [gspca_set_isoc_ep:908] Set interface err -75
> Dec 14 09:47:38 christianmylene kernel:
> /var/lib/dkms/gspca/1.00.18-3mdv2008.0/build/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_open:1954] 
> DEALLOC error on init_Isoc
> It seems to have sthg wrong with ekiga interface.How could i fix this?

this is a usb interface error not "ekiga interface".
report to mandriva maintainers. not many know that stuff here, 
i cant even see the gspca date version. read linux basics an mandriva docs in 
and follow their procedures.
or use a kernel built from clean kernel.org sources and the gspca 
source tarball from the gspca website on free.fr. 
and use latest version of ekiga before rporting bugs.

> Used system : fresh install of Mandriva One 2008 kernel

useless. we cant know and support all those custom patched distro kernels.

> Thanks
> Emmanuel Simonnet


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