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[Spca50x-devs] 0c45:613b Microdia support

Hello to everyone!
First of all, thank for your work!
I'll explain my problem:
I have bought 3 webcams identified by this:

ID 0c45:613b Microdia

Looking at the documentation, seems that this webcam is supported by gspca.
But i obtain a strange behaviour. All these webcams works perfectly on Windows.
But in Linux just one of them has a decent quality. When i start, for example
with Kopete, to see my image in the preview section, the image at the first moments
are very good but, after one seconds or two, the quality decreases and then is VERY
poor. It's like the webcam it's calibrating, but not in the right way.
 It's very difficoult for me to understand why this happens on 2 of the 3 webcams,
as they are identified by the same ID.

It's quite identical to the first that you'll see on the following page:
but the id is different.

The webcams has also some lights that, in case of darkness, are switched automatically
on.This just in Windows at the moment.
If you need some logs or some videos i can try to help you.

Thanks for your support,
Andrea Cimino

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