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Re: [Spca50x-devs] spca5xx LE and Logitech 046d:08d9

On Sun, Dec 09, 2007 at 05:12:32PM +0100, Michel Xhaard wrote:
> Le dimanche 9 décembre 2007 15:47, Russell Steicke a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a Logitech Quickcam, with USB ID 046d:08d9.  This is claimed to
> > be supported by spca5xx-LE according to the compatibility list, and I
> > have tried to install the LE kernel patch in the kernel source for the
> > GP2X.  (GP2X is an ARM based games console which runs a linux kernel.)
> ...
> http://mxhaard.free.fr/spca50x/embedded/ArmEP9302/Spca5xx-light-Edition.txt
> It is not include in the souce code, but should work if you add the usbid to 
> the list. Search the 0x08b9 and replace all occurence by 0x08d9
> regards

Hello Michel,

Thanks for the reply.  I had only just noticed that I had missed one
occurrence of 0x08b9, and changed it to 0x08d9.  Now the module
recognises the camera and I can cat data from /dev/video0.


Russell Steicke

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