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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Genius Messenger 310

Thomas Kaiser wrote:
> Guillermo Movia wrote:
>> 2007/11/27, Thomas Kaiser <spca5xx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Hello Guillermo
>>> Pixart chip with ID 093a:2624 is not known yet by the driver. Do you know what
>>> chip is inside your cam? PAC7311? If it is a PAC7311 you can add the ID in
>>> gspca_core.c.
>> No, for i could see, it's PAC7302, at least it's the name that put the
>> driver folder in windows.
>> Thanks
>> Guillermo
>>> Search for 0x093a and look for 0x2600. You just have to add similar entries.
>>> Thomas
>>> --
>>> http://www.kaiser-linux.li
> Hi Guillermo
> The feature of the PAC7302 looks similar as of the PAC7312.
> http://www.cgtechnology.com.cn/Html/Proen162.html
> Can you do a usbsnoop in Windoz and put the file somwhere on the net?
> Thomas

Hello All

After some private emails between Guillermo and me I will write down a little 
summary of what we found out.

The video stream uses the same "Pixart" JPEG compression as the PAC7311 I am 
working on. I am able to extract and decode pictures from the usbsnoop I god 
from Guillermo :-) But the picture is 90 degree rotated. Instead of 640x480 I 
have to add 480x640 in the JPEG header to get the whole picture. And I see the 
same pixel problem as with the PAC7311. (I found a JPEG Guru who is willing to 
help me on this, I hope we can find the problem)

Register 0x78 seems to turn on the stream. That's the same register like 
PAC7311. Register 0xff seems to be a kind of bank switching as it is on the 
PAC7311. But here it uses values from 0 to 3 and on the PAC7311 only the value 1 
and 4. Register 0x11 seems to have the same function, too (load settings to 
sensor or strobe).

But everything else I don't know :-(

Let's see if I can buy the same cam here and do some more investigations ;-)



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