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Re: [Spca50x-devs] gspcav1-20070508 problem with philips SPC315N webcam

Le Jeudi 22 Novembre 2007 00:19, Pascal Vincent a écrit :
> hello,
> i have some problems using my Philips SPC315NC webcam with Ekiga.
> I use gspcav1-20070508 compiled on my system
> Here at the symptoms :
> Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, ekiga 2.0.3
> - Ekiga is slow to detect the webcam (2 min)
Yes a delay is on the main loop, some sensor seem slow to detect, i will try 
to adjust, thanks for the report,
> - Not complete picture (Ekiga seems to display only a part of the total
> cam acquisition)
Ekiga like 352x288 if your webcam is VGA you need to rescale 640x480 to 
352x288 as your webcam is Jpeg i do the job in the kernel by cropping the 
picture. Should be better in userspace to force Ekiga to work with 320x240
> - inverted picture (head at the bottom, foot on the top) 
and right to left 
This is a mechanical feature from Philips ;-)  just return the sensor case 
> Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, ekiga 2.0.9
> AND Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, ekiga 2.0.11
> - Ekiga is slow to detect the webcam (2 min)
> - when i start a communication, i have the message
> English translation  : your driver doesn't seem to support any of color
> format supported by ekiga
> You will find in attachement the logs with debug option set to 3.
> You will see
> - webcam plug
> - ekiga launch
> - ekiga communication try
> - ekiga close
> - webcam unplug
> Can you help me resolving the problem ?
> I can do some test after code modification but please help me finding
> where i have to hake a look
> PS : for information , i have no problem with my logitech webcam.
PS: Logitech help us, seem a good choice :-)
Michel Xhaard

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