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Re: [Spca50x-devs] sn9c201 support again (still?)

On Nov 19, 2007 1:40 PM, RUMI Szabolcs <rumi_ml@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
> I was also lucky enough to get a SN9C201+OV7660 based cam:

Well, lucky's an interesting choice of words ;-)

> Conceptronic Flexcam (Model code: CLLFLEXCAM) = 0c45:627b Microdia
> Conceptronic did a brave but weak attempt to provide Linux support
> in that they provided a closed source Fedora Core 4 kernel module as
> a "Linux driver" for this cam. I've emailed them on a Saturday and
> they replied next Monday at 10AM already in a real-man-written,
> html-free, image-free, ad-free, bullshit-free line wrapped email
> in well-formulated english language telling that they received this
> driver from the chipset manufacturer (Sonix I guess) and cannot
> provide further support so I should ask them (Sonix) if I want
> anything more and they cannot even confirm whether that driver
> is GPL or not. This is stated in the "license:" tag of the module
> as shown below so this is why I dared to ask:
> filename:       snxcam.ko
> license:        GPL

Well, that's interesting. Technically, if the driver is in fact
licensed under the GPL, since Conceptronic provided you with the
binary, then they MUST provide you with either the source or a link to
the source (even if it's a link to a file on sonix's website) -- they
can't just tell you to go ask someone else.

It's difficult for me to believe that _no_one_ at Conceptronic knows
under what license the driver was distributed to them.

Since only a copyright holder can force license compliance (assuming
of course they could prove that the driver contains GPL code or is a
derived work under copyright law of such), there's really no way for
an end user to force either company to provide the source.

However, most companies don't want to be accused of doing something
illegal, and some even care about their customers, polite persistence
could conceivably pay off. Conceptronic appears to offer the driver
freely via download, so maybe I'll grab it and start politely
requesting myself.

Additionally, some time ago I registered w/ Sonix as a developer, and
about 11 days ago requested access to the SN9C201 documentation, which
isn't available to registered users on their website. I only got an
automated response so far; in a few days I will bug them again,
perhaps pointing out that they have apparently been distributing a
driver which claims to be GPL.


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