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Re: [Spca50x-devs] About " How to increase the packet size (USB)"

Hi kashin,
My webcam was using mode 2 and endpoint 3  and hence I, have cheanged as below in(Linux) drivers/usb/musb/plat_uds.c

static struct fifo_cfg __initdata mode_2_cfg[] = {

{ .hw_ep_num = 1, .style = FIFO_TX, .maxpacket = 256, .mode = BUF_DOUBLE,},

{ .hw_ep_num = 1, .style = FIFO_RX, .maxpacket = 256, .mode = BUF_DOUBLE, },

{ .hw_ep_num = 2, .style = FIFO_TX, .maxpacket = 512, },

{ .hw_ep_num = 2, .style = FIFO_RX, .maxpacket = 512, },

{ .hw_ep_num = 3, .style = FIFO_RXTX, .maxpacket = 1024,},

{ .hw_ep_num = 4, .style = FIFO_RXTX, .maxpacket = 256, },


As overall FIFO Size is only 4KB, I have gave max size of 1024 to EP3 and rest is distributed to all others.
Let me know the status.
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i seen your posts on the mailinglist regarding using webcam on Davinci EVM.
( http://linux.omap.com/pipermail/davinci-linux-open-source/2007-July/003602.html )
and i think the problem i encounter is the same as yours. so i send this mail for more

i use 2.6.23(montavista) kernel for my TI-DAVINCI based board, gspcav1-20070508 as my
webcam driver and spcaview-20061208 as the application to test. i got -ENOSPC when submit
urb, so it seems FIFO size isn't big enough.

i wonder how you reslove it? how to increase the FIFO size?
i am not familiar with the usb host controller driver. can you show me detail to achieve it?

p.s. currently, i change ".maxpacket" in fifo mode 2 of ep1 & ep2 RX from 512 -> 1024.
       and the ENOSPC error msg disappear but i got " Couldnt get videopict params with VIDIOCGPICT"
       when i use spcaview...
       so i think the way i change FIFO size is wrong... so i really need your help.

Thanks in advance

Best regard,

kashin lin

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