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Re: [Spca50x-devs] vc0323 webcam progress

Le Samedi 17 Novembre 2007 20:36, Janne Kulmala a écrit :
> Hello, I have bought a webcam with vc0323 chip on it. I noticed that
> gspca has support for vc0321 so I captured USB traffic from windows.
> Both chips seems to be pretty similar so I modified gspca driver and
> extracted initialization code from the captured data. The camera seems
> to send picture data but it isn't in the same format that the vc0321
> camera uses. Every frame seems to be different length, so I suspect
> the camera uses some kind of compression. I tried to use gspca's
> JPEG-decoder without success. Maybe the camera requires modified
> JPEG-decoder?
> I can send patch and USB dumps for gspca if requested.
> Thanks,
> Janne
Can you send me the patch and put the dumps somewhere on internet i can 
download ? 
The vc303 as you supected is set wit a mjpeg encoder, i am working on it at 
the moment maybe yours is set with another sensor :)
Michel Xhaard

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