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[Spca50x-devs] Advice request: Attempt at adding support for creative Live! webcams


I am trying to add support for the following webcams in gspca:

Creative WebCam Live! Pro/Effects:

[ the "effects" simply means it has a fancy windows driver ]

Some documentation indicates that it has a MI0360 sensor, but I am not certain about the bridge.
Guesswork and trial and error leads me to believe it could be covered by the BRIDGE_SN9CXXX, but I am not certain.

Testing with those results in the driver locating the webcam, and correctly identifying the resolution:

* Nov 13 00:50:36 localhost kernel: [29239.672000] /.../spca/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_getcapability:1216] maxw 640 maxh 480 minw 160 minh 120

However, any access to the device (via a webcam viewer using /dev/video0) results in a black and white seemingly random pattern, and a subsequent hang.
A possible cause is found in the logs:

* Nov 13 01:12:46 localhost kernel: [ 30569.616000] /.../gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_set_light_freq:1890] Sensor currently not support light frequency banding filters.
* Nov 13 01:12:46 localhost kernel: [30569.616000] /.../gspca_core.c: [gspca_set_isoc_ep:904] ISO EndPoint found 0x81 AlternateSet 3
* Nov 13 01:12:48 localhost kernel: [30572.064000] /.../gspca_core.c: [gspca_set_isoc_ep:904] ISO EndPoint found 0x81 AlternateSet 3

This leads me to believe I need to set a base and control port for the i2c, which would then enable it to communicate further.
However, being pretty new to this kind of work, I am unable to locate the exact ports in the attached file (which is taken from the windows driver installation).

So could anyone take a look at it and comment, or indicate what I am doing wrong?
I have attached the most important (imho) files here, but have all the other driver files on the following link, in order not to overload the lists:

Thank you for your time and trouble!


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