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Re: [Spca50x-devs] 093a:2468 dealloc error

 >> You need to change the pac207.h near line 137 - 138
 >>     if (id[0] != 0x27 || id[1] != 0x00)
 >>     return -ENODEV;
 >> to:
 >>     if (id[0] != 0x27 || id[1] != 0x08)
 >>     return -ENODEV;
 >> please feedvback here if that works for you
 >> regards

Hello Michel

When I change this my cam is not working anymore :-(
But, why do we need to check the Sensor ID?

I think it makes only sense when we have to send different commands according to 
the sensor ID?

Please, clarify.




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