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Re: [Spca50x-devs] 093a:2468 dealloc error


Just subscribed to contribute my experience with a similar cam, the 
Trust WB-1400T, that has the same USB ID as Dominik's 1200P. If there 
are multiple versions of this cheap Trust cam, this one is likely fairly 
new because I just bought it yesterday.

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 093a:2468 Pixart Imaging, Inc. Easy Snap Snake 
Eye WebCam

[ 2843.668000] /usr/src/gspcav1-20070508/gspca_core.c: USB GSPCA camera 
found. (PAC207)
[ 2843.668000] /usr/src/gspcav1-20070508/gspca_core.c: 
[spca5xx_probe:4098] Camera type GBRG
[ 2843.684000] /usr/src/gspcav1-20070508/gspca_core.c: 
[spca5xx_getcapability:1215] maxw 352 maxh 288 minw 160 minh 120
[ 2892.720000] /usr/src/gspcav1-20070508/gspca_core.c: 
[spca5xx_open:1940] DEALLOC error on spca50x_init_source

The same change in pac207.h solved the problem for my cam as well. I am 
referring to:

> You need to change the pac207.h near line 137 - 138
>     if (id[0] != 0x27 || id[1] != 0x00)
> 	return -ENODEV;
> to:
>     if (id[0] != 0x27 || id[1] != 0x08)
> 	return -ENODEV;
> please feedvback here if that works for you
> regards

So... that works for me as well!
Looks like 0x08 is a working chip ID for this driver.

I've also tried brightness and contrast adjustments in xawtv and they 
work well.


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