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Re: [Spca50x-devs] sn9c201 + ov9650

Dave Neuer wrote:
> On Nov 7, 2007 12:23 PM, Michel Xhaard <mxhaard@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Le Mercredi 7 Novembre 2007 19:05, Dave Neuer a écrit:
>>> On Nov 7, 2007 11:46 AM, Michel Xhaard <mxhaard@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Le Mercredi 7 Novembre 2007 15:05, Vasily Khoruzhick a écrit:
>>>>> Hi, I've already mailed to this list, and saw mails about my cam:
>>>>> http://lists.zerezo.com/spca50x-devs/msg01032.html
>>>>> But there's no answer.
>>>>> Will sn9c201 be ever supported by gspca?
>>>> Yes when i get times to finish the sn9c20x support, be patient !!
>>> The problem is, you say some variation of this each time the question
>>> is asked, with no indication of what amount of progress has been made
>>> so far (for instance, the last time I asked -- which included an offer
>>> of help from me, btw -- it seemed from some of your follow-up
>>> responses that so far the answer was "none").
>>> That, in turn, makes it hard for people to decide if it makes more
>>> sense for them to wait (since it'll only be another x months where x
>>> is closer to zero than to infinity) or to try to do it themselves
>>> (since x is closer to infinity).
>>> FWIW, I had a usb-snoop from this webcam under Windows at one point,
>>> but never sent it because of my frustration w/ your development
>>> process (don't have it any more, or Windows).
>>> Dave
>> hmm, i am working on my spare times, that is. If you are not patient you can
>> try to implement the sn9c201 bridge yourself. Good luck
> Right. Most people working on open source projects do so on their
> spare time. I understand that.
> The fact that you do it on your spare time doesn't mean:
> a) you have to be rude to users (or potential users) of your software

yes we can. use proprietary software if You like flirting with nice hotline-girls 
and wait months for hotfixes and 4e4 to get individual bugs fixed.

> b) you cannot also give a quick summary of how much progress you've made
> c) you cannot also give (even wildly inaccurate) estimates of how long
> it will take

You're free to pay software-process/ -estimation professionals for this project or 
to contribute such work, 
this is usually not an open-source developer's work and will take significant extra 

> c) you have to actively discourage potential contributors from getting involved

I've seen no patches from You.

> Dave

but first of all, I suggest You following accepted internet mail standards and not using kiddy-fake 
Dave Neuer <mr.fred.smoothie@
trashbin-addresses on devlists triggering all spam filters before You lecture someone about "process".
this is always a contribution killer. thank You.


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