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Re: [Spca50x-devs] sn9c201 + ov9650

Dave Neuer wrote:
> Right. Most people working on open source projects do so on their 
> spare time. I understand that.

> The fact that you do it on your spare time doesn't mean:

> a) you have to be rude to users (or potential users) of your software
> b) you cannot also give a quick summary of how much progress you've made
> c) you cannot also give (even wildly inaccurate) estimates of how long
> it will take
> c) you have to actively discourage potential contributors from getting 

Hey, do you think that you encourage author to do something with mails like 
this one? :)

I completely understand Michel Xhaard. Developing/maintaining gspca is his 
hobby, and he hasn't to work on it when he doesn't have enought time, or just 
doesn't want to work on it :) But you behave yourself like you customer and 
mr. Xhaard is developer hired by you. It seems to me that you're rude to 

So, be patient ;)


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