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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Need help with a (new ?) Logitech webcam

Hello Serge,

On Wed, 7 Nov 2007 12:24:50 +0300
"Serge A. Suchkov" <Serge.A.S@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, Paul 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > kernel: /usr/local/home/rol/usr/install/gspcav1-20070508/Vimicro/zc3xx.h:
> > [zc3xx_config:515] Sensor ID:9 Oct 31 16:28:08 tux
> > kernel: /usr/local/home/rol/usr/install/gspcav1-20070508/Vimicro/zc3xx.h:
> > [zc3xx_config:525] Find Sensor UNKNOW_0 force Tas5130
> Hmm... Sensor ID:9 it is HDCS2020 ...
Yes, but at the time the message is printed, it is still the value that
comes from the configuration. Then comes the probe :
>From zc3xx.h, in Vimicro/ :
    PDEBUG(0, "Sensor ID:%d",spca50x->sensor);

    sensor = zcxx_probeSensor(spca50x);

and then, sensor value is -1, leading to :
    switch (sensor) {
    case -1:
         if(spca50x->sensor == SENSOR_TAS5130C_VF0250) {
            PDEBUG(0, "Find Sensor Tas5130 (VF0250)");
        } else {
            PDEBUG(0, "Find Sensor UNKNOW_0 force Tas5130");
            spca50x->sensor = SENSOR_TAS5130CXX;
and the default to SENSOR_TAS5130CXX

> Your webcam connect directly or from USB hub ?
Directly... I've tried all the four ports of my machine (Dell Inspiron 6400),
and got the same result on all ports.

To me, it seems that the detection done in zcxx_probeSensor() is not detecting
(or not detecting correctly) the sensor in this cam.


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